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Thank you for listening to the Achieve Results NOW! Podcast. The podcast that gives you immediate actions you can take to start seeing life shifting results now! We are committed to giving you ideas, strategies, motivation and entertainment in a concise format that you can listen in your car on the way to work.

Nov 29, 2022

In this Episode:

You are the author of your own book. In this podcast we discuss, what that phrase means and how you can put it into action to produce positive results.

Action Steps:

  • What it means to you.
  • Showing Gratitude.
  • Be a supporting character.

Quotes from the Podcast:

“If it’s to be, it’s up to...

Nov 15, 2022

In this Episode:

We should start with gratitude. There are many things in our life that we don’t have control over, however, we need to learn to control our thoughts. The attitude of gratitude is something that can change your life. We discuss the steps to make gratitude a habit that will allow you to pursue...

Nov 9, 2022

In this Episode:

In this episode we discuss the importance of developing self-discipline and self-control to have true and lasting self esteem.

Action Steps:

  • Self-Disciple
  • Self-Control
  • Self-Esteem

ARN Suggested Reading:

Blessings In the Bullshit: A Guided Journal for Finding the BEST In Every Day – by Mark Cardone &...

Nov 1, 2022

In this Episode:

NEW PODCAST!  We interviewed Darryl Sanford II, a certified trainer, and self-proclaimed “Professional Nudgier” with the John Maxwell organization.  If you are part of a business or family, we talk about the leadership skills required to thrive in both, and how you can put them into practice...