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Thank you for listening to the Achieve Results NOW! Podcast. The podcast that gives you immediate actions you can take to start seeing life shifting results now! We are committed to giving you ideas, strategies, motivation and entertainment in a concise format that you can listen in your car on the way to work.

Feb 22, 2022

In this Episode:

Most people dread Mondays. You can learn to like and even look forward to Mondays. If you follow the actions laid out in our podcast you will see positive results in your attitude and results. This will lead to your killer week.

Action Steps:

  • Workout
  • Family Time
  • Education
  • Plan
  • Prioritize


Feb 15, 2022

In this Episode: What’s your emotional intelligence? Are you aware of your blind spots? Your language internally and externally does have an impact on your life and the lives of others. Mind your words, chose them carefully and deliberately and your life will change for the better. Action...

Feb 10, 2022

In this Episode:

What is worse than having no goals at all? The short answer is having too many goals/priorities at once can, and often does leave you immobilized. We discuss the steps to start achieving NOW!

Action Steps:

  • Aim at something.
  • Prioritize and organize.
  • Don’t clean your desk.

ARN Suggested...

Feb 1, 2022

In this Episode:

“I already tried that!” Those four words can, and usually do, kill your progress and your motivation. It is a sweeping generality that does not serve your interests. Get your ego out of the way and have an open mind to other possibilities.

Action Steps:

  • Did you?
  • Why didn’t it work?
  • What can you...